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This Kid is Redefining the Grip-and-Grin Fish Photo Technique

boy puts fish in mouth

There's apparently a new way to hold your fish for the camera.

One of the most exciting parts of fishing is snapping that awesome photo to show off your catch to all your buddies.

We all have fish tales in our repertoire, so there's nothing more satisfying than having the proof to back it up. However, as any fisherman can attest, there's a specific method to doing it, one which we all admittedly try and make the fish look bigger.

By holding the fish out, you can create somewhat of an optical illusion, as it's easy to manipulate the depth perception of a camera lens.

There are countless photos out there where people have taken a 1- or 2-pound bass and angled it just right in front of the camera to make it look like a state-record trophy.

It's an art that anglers master over years of practice. Now, however, there's perhaps an even-better way to hold your fish, as this method not only accurately showcases the fish, but it also separates the men from the boys, the women from the girls, and the true anglers from the wannabes.

Meet Landon, the fisherman who puts his money where his mouth is.

On June 30, Marika Daniels posted a photo of her three sons holding fish they caught. Once she noticed her youngest, Landon, had decided to just hold the fish in his mouth, she realized she had to share the adorable photo on social media.

She quickly took to Instagram, asking her followers for caption suggestions. However, she might've nailed it with this one: "They say a picture is worth a thousand words.... well this one is a fishful."

According to a report from Fox News, Daniels had taken her kids to a fishing pond at a children's museum in South Dakota before their scheduled move to Wisconsin.

The fish were actually rubber toys they were allowed to take home, so she decided to snap a photo of the three boys, which, of course, turned into internet gold.

"When I took the picture, I honestly didn't realize Landon put the fish in his mouth because i was trying to get the attention of the two older ones to look at my camera," she told Fox 4. "I just kind of chuckled and shook my head and thought, 'Oh Landon.'"



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This Kid is Redefining the Grip-and-Grin Fish Photo Technique