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One of the Easy Ways to Remove a Fish Hook

hook removal
Vimeo: Loren Paul

It happens to every angler who fishes long enough.

One wrong move and you suddenly have a big fish hook embedded deep in your skin. So now what?

This guy takes one for the team and hooks himself in order to show us how to properly remove an embedded hook.

All you need is a piece of braided fishing line and probably a buddy to help. This won't be a pleasant experience!

This is probably the fastest way to remove a fish hook without resorting to a doctor's visit. I've been down that road, and it isn't fun.

There are other, more painful ways of removing a hook, but this method is probably the best. You might even want to have a buddy do the pulling on this one, especially if the hook's at a weird angle that doesn't allow you to put enough force behind the pull.

As painful as it looks, just think of it like removing a Band-Aid. It just takes one jerk and then you can get back to fishing!



One of the Easy Ways to Remove a Fish Hook