Hook Removal

Video: Lake Fork Guy's Dad Pulls Hook Out of His Own Leg

This is one painful-looking foul hook!

YouTube fishing guru Lake Fork Guy and his dad have been enjoying a fun-filled Canadian fishing trip. They've been catching a little bit of everything, including smallmouth bass, northern pike and even crappie.

In LFG's latest video, his dad ends up hooking himself with a jerkbait, and trust us, this is one BAD foul-hooking!

Ouch! That was an especially deep and painful-looking foul-hooking! I wasn't the one who was hooked, but I could still feel that one! If you haven't already added a pair of cutters to your boat or tackle box, this is why you need to!

It definitely seems LFG's dad has done this a few times before. He wasn't about to let that ruin their day of fishing, no matter how painful it was. I can personally attest from experience this is the same way a doctor will remove a hook like this.

If you've never been in this position, count yourself lucky! Needless to say, doing this once myself made me a LOT more cautious, especially since I was hooked while landing a fish. Hopefully you'll never have to do this yourself, but at least you now know the proper technique!