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This is What Happens When an Outdoorsgirl Isn't Scared of Anything

When you have an outdoorsgirl like Princess Adriana, you are sometimes surprised at just what she manage to find; today is one of those times.

When you raise an outdoorsgirl to love nature, she turns out to be not quite as scared of some animals as others might think she should be. Take a look at what Princess Adriana finds as she explores Beaver Island.

Warning: Some language might not be suitable for all viewers.

Here's the video:

There has been quite a lot of controversy over this video, as many people are vehemently against the father allowing the little girl to continue to hold and play with the snake while he captures video. But, as many other's have pointed out kids, especially those who love the outdoors have to learn about the dangers involved at some point.

What do you think? Would you let your little one grab and hold onto a snake like this? Let us know...

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