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Take Your Truck to These 10 Ridiculous Places


America is home to the best, worst, and most ridiculous roadside attractions on Earth. If you've been to the one in your state, we'll be seriously impressed.

Face it: everyone loves driving their truck to just about anywhere. But if you could, wouldn't you want to head out to some of the absurd, ridiculous, and downright unforgettable places that America has to offer?

Some of these places are too funny! Others are pretty neat. Would you make any of these stops on a road trip?

10. Watch for UFOs in Colorado

One woman was convinced the government wasn't doing quite enough in terms of UFO relations, so she built a UFO watchtower on her property and opened it to the public.

ridiculoud places to take your truck

9. Be Puzzled by Airstream Ranch in Florida

Okay, America isn't just home to bizarre places: it's home to bizarre people, and the guy who decided to vertically "plant" eight airstream mobile homes in Florida's soil is definitely one of them. Visit Airstream Ranch to see it for yourself.

airstream ranch

8. Visit Some Dinosaurs in Kentucky

On the way to Mammoth Cave National Park, you can stop by to see over 150 life-sized dinosaurs! This is a fun place to take the kids and send some, well... interesting photos to Grandma.

dinosaur world
Dinosaur World

7. Go on a Nuclear Waste Adventure in Missouri

This man-made mountain is the highest point in St. Charles County, Missouri, the former site of the largest explosives factory in the country, and home to the remnants of a Cold War-era uranium refinery. The 54-acre property, dubbed the Nuclear Waste Adventure Trail by Roadside America, is actually called the Weldon Spring Site Remedial Action Project Disposal Cell. Apparently, the site, with its adjacent museum, is a favorite destination for stargazers, bird watchers, and history buffs.

Will you glow in the dark when you leave? That's for you to find out. 

weldon spring nuclear waste

6. Look at Literally 1,000 Buddhas in Montana

If you're panicking because you think you just got radiation poisoning, this is the perfect place to go next: The Garden of 1,000 Buddhas, an outdoor sanctuary in Montana.

garden of buddhas

5. Marvel at Carhenge in Nebraska. Wait, what?

This is an all-American replica of Stonehenge made of vintage American autos, painted gray. You probably shouldn't be calling yourself American if you haven't seen it. 

We have to wonder, though: did these drivers ditch their vehicles in the middle of Nebraska because they found out they could get Best-in-Class 29 highway MPG* with a new Ram 1500?


4. Go to the World's Last Shell-Shaped Shell Oil Station in North Carolina (But Gas Up Beforehand)

In Winton-Salem, NC, you can visit this quirky little piece of history from a time when selling gas was a more artistic pursuit.

shell gas station
Cheryl H. via Tripadvisor

3. It's an Octopus! It's a Tree! It's an Octopus-Tree! Only in Oregon...

The jury's still out on why this tree looks like an octopus, but local Tillamook tribe descendants think it developed this shape after being used to hold cedar canoes and other valuable ceremonial objects that didn't quite fit indoors. Either way, its 50-foot base and cagelike appearance make it a unique must-see spot in Oregon.

octopus tree
CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia

2. Didn't get enough at Carhenge? Come Back for Seconds at Foamhenge in Virginia

We think the Virginians got jealous of Nebraska and decided to grab some of the make-your-own-henge thunder for themselves. No matter what the backstory, this is a great stop if you're driving further east.

America the Beautiful
America the Beautiful

1. Hang Out With the Thunder God at Thor's Well in Oregon

In the end, if you're a truck owner, you've seen enough to know that truth is stranger than fiction. As ridiculous as these man-made attractions are, nature always takes the cake. Thor's Well in Oregon is one of the most surreal and breathtaking places to travel in the USA, named for the Norse God of Thunder because it periodically explodes. (You can probably relate, even if you're not Thor).

Here's a teaser video:

Be sure to keep a safe distance by parking at the Cape Perpetua Visitors' Center!

Oh, and before you go...

Honorable Mention: Hell, Michigan

After going to all those ridiculous places, you might as well make sure you can say you've been to hell and back when you get home.


Since you're now inevitably planning on going to all these places, it's worth mentioning that a Ram 1500 will make the journey that much better. Take the plunge and travel off the beaten path, you'll be glad you did.

Based on Standard Pickup Class. EPA-estimated 29 highway MPG with available EcoDiesel V6 engine 4x2, HFE model. Actual mileage may vary.


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Take Your Truck to These 10 Ridiculous Places