adorable Christmas present
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Prepare Yourself to See the Most Adorable Christmas Present Ever Presented

The most adorable Christmas present was given out this year and luckily pictures were taken for your viewing entertainment. 

Over the recent holidays one London man gave out what might possibly be the most adorable Christmas present ever and luckily his daughter was around to take some photos to share with the world via Twitter.

Paul Chesnaye wanted to cheer up his daughter Lucy after a tragedy struck the family earlier in the year, and to do that he created some presents for the neighborhood squirrels to open.

adorable Christmas present

Paul Chesnaye and his daughter Lucy.

adorable Christmas present

Paul Chesnaye presenting a neighborhood squirrel with some Christmas presents.

adorable Christmas present

The squirrel is definitely interested in the presents he has recieved.

adorable Christmas present

He picks out a favorite and decides to open it up.

adorable Christmas present

The squirrel digs in and opens what is an absolutely adorable Christmas present.

According to Chesnaye the presents consisted of a wide variety of nuts including Brazil nuts, peanuts, almonds, and cashews and were all adequately wrapped in festive paper for the squirrel to open and enjoy. Not only did the gesture give Lucy a bit of Christmas cheer but has since spread all around the world thanks to Twitter and has helped spread some holiday cheer to people all around the world thanks to this adorable Christmas present.

So, which kind of squirrel person are you going to be this winter? One who gives out presents of nuts, or one who uses a Slinky for defense...

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