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Here's the Best Use We've Seen for a Slinky in a While

Everyone knows that they can walk down stairs, but we think we've finally found the true best use for a Slinky, and you're going to get a kick out of it.

If you or someone in your family is the kind of person who likes to put birdseed out for birds to enjoy, then you are really going to enjoy this video.

Everyone knows that one of the biggest challenges with bird feeders is the squirrels who seem to make it their main goal in life to get every last seed out of the feeder. Well, thanks to that marvelous thing known as the Slinky, that problem could be over forever.

By using a Slinky to protect your birdseed, not only can you be assured that it will make it to the birds, but as an added bonus, you also receive hours of bonus entertainment of watching the struggle that will inevitably go down in your yard.

Of course, you could always just grab your .22 and get yourself a nice meal of squirrel legs in the process; and when your finished you can even sell your squirrel tails to Mepps to help keep the costs down.

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Here's the Best Use We've Seen for a Slinky in a While