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Here’s What Shooting 1,000 Guns at Once Looks Like

shooting 1000 guns at once
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Shooting 1,000 guns at once is definitely a world record, and you’ll love the sound of all those guns going off at once.

Back in November, 1,000 shooters got the opportunity to take part in an amazing event. Together, they set a new world record by shooting 1,000 guns at once. The event was put on by the National Rifle Association, and Henry Repeating Arms was a major sponsor and created some amazing rifles to commemorate the event. Take a look at just how the day went down and hear the shots that break the world record.

We’re not sure exactly how one is able to get an invitation to an event like this but we are really hoping that we can be on the guest list when Demolition Ranch hosts the 10,000 man shoot next year. Events like this are history, and it’s great to see how well and how safely it went down.

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Here’s What Shooting 1,000 Guns at Once Looks Like