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Yep, That's a 4-Year-Old Repeatedly Nailing Targets

4 year old

You always hear the saying "Teach them young." I guess this is what they mean. Don't let the little blonde locks fool you; this girl is a dead eye.

This little blonde girl rings her target shot after shot, and she is loving it. But her father might be loving it a little more. Oh, and she's only four.

Brace yourselves, though, the haters are soon to follow as they complain that a girl that size shouldn't be shooting a gun of that caliber. A huge shoutout to C&H Precision Weapons for making this video possible!

Doesn't seem to be an issue, though! Watch for yourself:

It's hard not to smile as you see her eagerness to shuck out the casing and load the next shell in. After reloading the gun, she buries her head back and squeezes a few more successful rounds.

Getting youth involved to the outdoors and shooting can be a great experience for them, and an even greater experience for yourself most of the time. Nothing quite beats a little plinking on an afternoon.

Just ask this little gal.

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Yep, That's a 4-Year-Old Repeatedly Nailing Targets