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This is What All Buddy-Style Fly Fishing Videos Should be Like

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Grayling on the River Test with your best buds... That is what fly fishing is all about. 

With the wild success of the Fly Fishing Film Fest, fly fishing videos have really started to take on a serious tone. Yes, they are artsy. Yes, they are still cool to watch. However, these are fishing videos we are talking about here. As bigger sponsors continue to get involved in the creation of fishing films, the pure nature of what they used to be is quickly drying up. Thankfully, Matt Dunkinson re-captured what has been missing from many popular fishing videos for several years now.

See, doesn't that just make you feel better about life, and make you want to go fishing? Watching a video like this inspires me to call up my friends and hit the water. I get enough worldly messages about this that and the other just watching TV; when I see fishing videos, I want to get away from all that. Maybe that's why Dunkinson's video about grayling on the River Test hit home so hard with me.

Thanks again for making a video that so many others really need to replicate!


This is What All Buddy-Style Fly Fishing Videos Should be Like