Catch Cam Net

This is Exactly Why You Want a Catch Cam Net

If you love to share pictures of your fish, then you need a Catch Cam Net. 

Nets are just as much a part of fishing as fishing poles. Any good fisherman has their favorite for a variety of reasons. And now, there's a new kid on the block in the terms of net making that is really making some moves. As you are about to see in this video, a Catch Cam Net not only handles about any fish you can throw at it, but it can record the final moment of victory as well.

Just check this out. It's easy to see this is going to be the future of fishing nets.

That side view of the steelhead, brown trout, and king in motion as they move from head to tail is outstanding. If that isn't already a thing, it should be. We could call it "Motion Monday" or something. First, though, you need to get yourself a net. They have some pretty serious specials going on right now for Black Friday and the upcoming holidays.

Luckily, I already got my hands on one of these. I can't wait for spring to hit so I can get some cool footage myself scooping up carp, bass, trout, and whatever else I can get on the fly.

You gotta admit, these nets are just cool.