Brahma Chicken Video Blowing Minds Because They Really Are This Big

If you think you've seen it all, you need to watch this video of a Hulk-sized chicken. It didn't take long for a video of a giant-sized chicken to take over Twitter, and once you see it, you'll understand why.

Between chickens wearing pants and chickens doing agility, videos featuring these domesticated fowls are no strangers to Internet fame. And when this video of an unbelievably large bird first emerged, it topped them all.

The Viral Brahma Chicken Video

The Brahma Chicken: A True Living Giant

Your first reaction may be something like, "That can't be real," but this particular kind of chicken is called a Brahma or Shanghai bird. They're considered to be the "kings of all poultry" and were developed from crossbreeding a Malay and Cochin chicken brought to England from China in the 1840s. A chicken breeder named George Burnham is credited with exporting nine "gray Shanghaes" as a gift to Queen Victoria in 1852. 

According to The Livestock Conservancy, these big chickens typically weigh between eight and an incredible 18 pounds. In addition to their impressive size, the Brahma breed is known for thriving in cold climates and producing good winter eggs. Brahma hens are good egg layers and produce brown eggs. The Dark Brahma variety is mainly seen in England while the Light Brahma is the most common in the United States. The Buff Brahma is accepted to compete in American Poultry Association (APA) chicken shows.

It is considered a heritage breed, which need to be conserved!

Additional Reasons to Get Brahma Chickens

The chicken in the video may look ready to go Godzilla all over the farm, but Brahma chickens are also chosen for their docile personalities. They were bred for the meat industry, the main reason for their large size, but the new generation of chicken owner loves them for their huggability and the irony behind their massive size and personality. They are also known for their impressive pea combs, "beetle brow," where the forehead is slightly protruding, and feathered feet!

But Twitter users aren't convinced.

Embracing the Brahma Chicken

It's hard not to be intimidated by a chicken that looks more like a person wearing a chicken costume. There's no way to tell the actual weight of this impressive example of the Brahma chicken breed, but we don't need to know the exact poundage to appreciate this extraordinary animal.

This large breed is so beautiful! We have a Barred Rock too and Chandler is a big bird but this chicken is huge! Is this a breed of chicken you think you'd enjoy having in your flock? Poultry breeds are amazing! We're so grateful social media introduced this giant to us!

What do you think about this giant chicken? Tell us in the comments below. 

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