Nothing to See Here! Just Chickens Running Around Wearing Pants

It's going to be hard to find anything better than chickens wearing pants.

Someone, somewhere, at some time, got the brilliant idea to put miniature pants on a chicken. We're only sorry it took this long for such a thing to exist.

We could literally spend all day watching chickens in pants running around the farm. Literally, all day.

But we have more chicken articles to get to. So we're just gonna leave these right here...

Just a few magical videos for your viewing pleasure.

We hereby claim the blame for any missed deadlines these videos may cause.

Feel free to hit repeat as many times as your heart desires... or your schedule allows.

And then come back for more.

Dang, chickens, you've got some moves.

The Internet needs more chickens in pants. Share your #chickensinpants videos and photos on social media and tag us, #wideopenpets.

Did these videos make you fall in love with chickens all over again? Tell us in the comments below! No judgment here.

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