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Converted Army Truck Makes for a 15-Ton, Off-Grid Tiny Home

This 15-ton military vehicle has been masterfully converted into an off-grid tiny home.

Humans are resourceful beings. We have seen that time and again with some of the incredible ways people have re-purposed old vehicles for brand-new purposes that extend beyond the shelf life the manufacturer probably originally intended.

This time, we are seeing it with a 15-ton truck that was a troop carrier in its previous life with the Army. Now it has a new purpose as this guy's full-time tiny home.

Here is what it takes to transport a machine meant for the battlefield into a full-time home on the road.

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We love the simplicity in the design of so many facets of this build. Many people go all-out on making everything extremely cozy and home-like. This build is more function than anything else. The stuff that is inside is as rugged as the truck in many aspects. However, that fits in with the theme of military vehicles in general. Because the military does not have vehicles designed for comfort, instead, they design them to do their jobs and nothing more.

However, this truck has an extremely spacious and well-organized interior that takes full advantage of the vast space this truck offers. For one person, it is more than enough to live comfortably. Did you see the size of the shower? That is much larger than the cramped, locker-sized showers that seem to be stuffed into most full-size RVs these days.

There are some downsides of course. The gas mileage is likely not great. If something breaks, you will also likely encounter problems getting parts. Some full-time campers like a degree of stealth with their vehicle. They like to be able to park discreetly without anyone knowing they are living inside. There is nothing discreet about this big old truck!

Still, this is a well-done build and a rather spacious home. We enjoy seeing an old vehicle like this getting such a practical new lease on life and not just ending up in a junkyard somewhere.

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