Things Hunters Love
YouTube: You Betcha

5 Dumb (and Hilarious) Things Hunters Love to Do

There are many things we love about hunting: time with friends and family, filling the freezer, the connection with nature, and the fact that we're not at work, to name a few. Those are usually the obvious ones that most hunters will tout once asked what they enjoy about the tradition. However, sometimes it's about the little things, too. These are the things that many hunters are probably doing without ever realizing they are doing them.

So we feel a little called out by YouTube Channel "You Betcha's" latest and hilarious short on the "Things Hunters Love." From just looking at deer to telling lies, odds are you'll probably relate with at least one, if not all, of these things to some degree.

This video was all too relatable. It was the part about the "just in case" stuff. I can't tell you how many times I've done that in the lead-up to deer season over the years. I think I've got three or four bottles of scent-killing spray and probably at least two bottles of scent-free detergent lying around with my hunting stuff. However, I also like to pick up that stuff after the season when it's on clearance. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!

When he said, "You see a deer out there, you get low; it's like a primal move," I never even realized I was doing that one before. And I think we all know the hunter in camp who drinks too much, falls asleep, and then lies about what they saw that day from the stand. Hey, sometimes when the deer aren't moving, it's hard to keep awake when you're just sitting there enjoying the soothing sounds of nature!

My favorite line was, "I don't even think he brought his gun!" Big thanks to the You Betcha crew for once again coming up with another hilarious take on hunting. Now we're primed for deer camp to begin.

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