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Jeff Foxworthy's 'Deer Seminar' Explains Why You Never See Anything While Hunting

If deer held seminars in the woods, they might look something like this.

Everyone loves clips from Jeff Foxworthy's classic "Incomplete Deer Hunter." The series was the ultimate mix of Redneck culture, deer hunting and screwball comedy. Put together, they make something totally unique that only hunters can relate with.

That is why we're sharing another classic clip from the show. In this one, we see a deer seminar imagined.

Ever wonder what the deer in the woods think about you and your hunting buddies? This video should help provide some hilarious insights.

"You guys did an awesome job last season at convincing hunters we cannot smell rubber boots!"

You know, I just knew this is what was happening every fall. I always knew the deer were conspiring and making plans of deception against us. They are smarter than we gave them credit!

Foxworthy and his crew obviously had way too much fun in shooting these skits. This one perfectly encapsulates the frustration we have as hunters at the end of another long, fruitless season. This video was just the sort of distraction we need right now from work and the exhausting current news cycle. Laughter is the best medicine as they say!

Really, he should consider bringing back the Incomplete Deer Hunter at some point. These types of skits are of the perfect length and format for platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Thanks, Jeff, for the good laugh today when we needed it the most.

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