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Everybody Loves a Little 'Incomplete Deer Hunter' With Jeff Foxworthy

Every once in a while, we all need a good laugh, and few people on the planet know how to get a laugh out of a hunter better than comedian Jeff Foxworthy. His "Incomplete Deer Hunter" series has become famous among deer hunters and self-proclaimed rednecks alike, as so many people can relate to this particular sense of humor. Here we have a short clip that highlights public-land hunting, game wardens deer decoys and the most effective way to field dress a deer.

"Hey, Bill Jordan. Getting rich making people look like bushes!"

I guess I never thought about it that way, but man if that isn't exactly what all these major camo manufacturers are doing! It makes us wish we'd thought of the idea of sticks and leaves camouflage.

Sadly, that segment on public land was all too real. How many of you have had another hunter plop down near you and start the loudest grunting sequence ever before? I think every public land hunter has experienced that one at least once in their hunting career. We also got a kick out of Jeff's field dressing tip. Yep, sadly, that would probably work for most of our hunting buddies!

It isn't until you watch something like this that you start to realize how weird your hunting obsession really is. Jeff does a good job of pointing out all the oddities of our favorite obsession that would have non-hunters simply shaking their heads. Thanks for the good laugh Jeff, it's just what we needed after a long week at work!

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