10 Varmints to Hunt When Deer Season is Far Away


This collection of varmints to hunt in the off-season will lead to a productive spring and summer.


Deer season doesn't last all year. However, just because you don't have a chance to go after bucks and does for a few months, doesn't mean you have to give up on hunting wild animals entirely.

On the contrary, in the interim, you can busy yourself by hunting varmints, or smaller game nuisance animals that are having an adverse effect on American deer populations, local farm crops, or even your own private property.

There are a wide variety of different varmint species out there for you to hunt. Some of them are dangerous predators, some of them are elusive prey. However, all of them can make good targets to put on the business end of your rifle, and since varmint hunting is usually less regulated than other types of small and big game pursuit, it can be a great way to hone your shooting skills before the main event rolls around later this year.

Trust us, it's not overkill to take out a good number of definitive varmints.

Plus, gun makers are creating specific varmint rifles to optimize your odds. Yes, it's another excuse to buy a gun, so why not give it a shot? That's not to say your 223 Remington won't work, it's just nice to know you have options.

Remember, some of them are legal to hunt anywhere, and others have specific guidelines. Make sure to consult your local wildlife regulator to ensure you're within your rights.