lake trout record
Utah DWR

There's a New Utah Lake Trout Record. Look at This Monster!

This is a lake trout record that is probably going to be around for a while. 

Wow. Just wow. Look at the size of this fish! To be clear, though, this trout is not breaking the current Utah state record, but instead, it's an all-new catch and release lake trout record for the state. Measuring in at 48 inches long, there is little denying that it is one huge fish. Just look at the girth compared to the angler that caught it!

What is interesting about this giant fish is that it actually measures out longer than the current kept state record. That fish was caught back in 1988 and weighed an incredible 51 pounds, eight ounces. What's more, it was just over 45 inches long. However, this new fish caught by Sidney Cellan, was three inches longer.

Since Cellan released his fish, we'll never know just how much it weighed, but easy speculation is that it would have broken the current state record hands down. 

Cellan did do an unofficial measurement of the fish out on the boat as soon as he caught it out of Flaming Gorge. As it was reported, his boat scales weighed his monster fish in at 57 pounds. By looking at that pictures though, I would have to agree.