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Can You Find the Hidden Animals in These 10 Photos?

Let's play a game. How quickly can you find the hidden animals in these photos?

All too often in nature, hunters, photographers, animal lovers, and just general lovers of the outdoors look right past animals in plain sight, especially when those animals want to stay hidden. In the following pictures, try to find the all the hidden animals in five seconds or less.

Some Pets

If you're a hunter, five seconds is about all you have to make a shot. If you are a hiker or camper, five seconds might be the difference between a dangerous encounter or an amazing photo opportunity.

Click through the slideshow to see for yourself how hard it can be to find these carefully hidden animals. Remember, you can only give yourself five seconds!

Find the wolf before it finds you!

Twenty Two Words

He's coming right for us!

A leopard wants you for dinner!

Shutter Hedge

If I can think of one of the worst ways to go, it would be getting eaten by a freaking cat.

Don't look now but you are about to walk on a bull snake!


Bull snakes are all over North America, but this one is all over your path. Can you find it?

Where's Crocodile Dundee when you need him to find this caiman?

Twenty Two Words

Remember this photo the next time you are hanging out near water in the deep South.

Just walking along...And there's a snake in your face!


You better find this snake quick or it's going to go down your shirt...

Five seconds is all you get for this coyote...

Twenty Two Words

If you are an outdoorsman or photographer, you know five seconds is an eternity when a coyote shows itself like this one did.

Watch out for this little timber rattler.

Field Herp Forum

Hopefully this little guy would alert you with his rattle before stepping on him!

Think quick, find the deer!

Earth To Eats

Alright deer hunters, your time to shine. Five seconds to find a deer! You can do this!

Yet again, big cats. Where's the mountain lion?

Life Smith

Did I mention how much I would hate getting eaten by a big freaking cat?

Copperhead! Everyone look out! 5 Seconds or it's off to the hospital!

Field Herp Forum

Copperheads account for more bites in my neck of the woods than any other poisonous snake. Looks like you might be able to see why!

Can You Find the Hidden Animals in These 10 Photos?