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5 Dry Fly Patterns for Summer in Colorado

dry fly patterns

These dry fly patterns are on fire right now! 

Trouts Fly Fishing has really made a name for themselves when it comes to fly fishing for trout in Colorado. Not only do these guys make informational videos like you are about to see, they are also very reputable fishing guides.

On top of all that, they run a top-notch fly shop located in Denver. The bottom line here, you should pay attention to what Tanner has to say. He knows a thing or two about dry fly patterns that get the job done on most, if not all, Colorado rivers.

Even though we are already getting in the meat of July, these dry fly patterns are going to produce as long you see bugs flying in the air. Those hopper patterns are only going to get better as the summer drags on.

Hopefully you have a trip planned out to Colorado at some point while the weather is still hot. If so, pop into Trouts Fly Fishing and get an up to date report. You'll be glad you did!


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5 Dry Fly Patterns for Summer in Colorado