fly fishing artwork

Fly Fishing Artwork: A Growing Genre, Thanks to Social Media

If you look around, priceless pieces of fly fishing artwork are on the rise. 

Thanks to social media, everyone now has a platform to share any craft, art, or passion in life. If you follow many fly fishing fishing pages, then chances are good that you've seen some pretty incredible pieces of fly fishing artwork from time to time. Before the rise of this platform, the only way to really get your hands on something like this is to know the artist, or know somebody that does. These days though, Etsy and others make it pretty simple to spruce up your home, office, or cabin, with something that everyone would love, not just fly fishermen.

For example, AD Maddox does incredible stuff. Her fly fishing artwork has been seen all over the world in print and online. Her list of accomplishments are also far reaching. From canvas prints, home decor, and originals, it can all be found here. However, if you are like most us, you've already seen her work. Just look below and see if it doesn't already look familiar.

The Bonnie Fly is another great example of pretty extraordinary fly fishing artwork. The melting fish that Brandon Finnorn creates are literally one of a kind. Every time I see one of these pieces of art pop up on one of my feeds, I like to scroll the comments just to see what everybody says. Without surprise, it's all high praise. Feel free to scroll through his etsy shop, or just follow him below.

Finally, Jessica Callihan is a fly fishing artist that deserves some attention as well. Her work speaks for itself and it shines every time she shares a piece of art she is working on. As a disabled veteran, Jessica found herself through her artwork and it shows in every piece. You can check her out on her website, or just follow her on Instagram, below.

So what do you think? Will some fine fly fishing artwork make its way into your home this year? If so, the three artists above are good people to contact!