Remington rifle 

Fishermen Reel in Remington Rifle; Police Think There's More to the Story

I guess you could consider reeling in a Remington rifle a trophy fish? 

A father and son were fishing in the Kennebec River out of Augusta, Maine, when they caught something they couldn't explain. What they hooked was a rusty Remington model 700. Immediately, they called the police to report what they landed, and the police took action. At this point, the police are still trying to find out who might have owned the gun, and also why it wound up in the river.

"I am not able to tell for sure why it's there, but it is possibly related to some type of burglary, theft or other crime," Lt. Chris Read said in an email from the original story. "It's illegal to duck hunt with a rifle, so the 'oops it fell out of the boat' doesn't sound too good. You can't hunt from that area within the compact urban zone with a rifle."

There were still a few rounds left in the chamber, but the rifle was totally rusted over from being left in the river. Even though this gun is ruined, however, current models sell for around $700 or more depending on options.

Here's your chance to be a detective. Did the rifle fall in the water in some innocent way? Or, was something a little more sinister behind it like the police suspect?