New Jersey coast

Humpback Whale Nearly Takes Out Boat Off New Jersey Coast

Wow! This was close, but could there be more to this story? 

A shocking video is making the rounds taken directly from the New Jersey coast. As you are about to see, a group of fisherman are out off the coast when all of a sudden a humpback whale breaches directly next to the boat. You hear the surprise and shock from the boaters as the camera rolls. A fish trying to escape the breaching whale even jumps into their boat.

Just watch and see what you think about this humpback whale near miss.

What immediately jumps out at me when watching this video is the likelihood these guys had a camera rolling when a whale just happens to breach next to them. Lightning strikes occur and people hit the lottery, crazier things have happened. However, could this has been set up?

According to a several of the comments below the video, they are accusing the boaters of approaching the whale while it was feeding to see how close they could get. Apparently, they got pretty close. On the other hand, reports have surfaced that the boaters were simply in the area watching the whale feeding from a safe distance. Then, all those baitfish went near them for protection and the whale followed. Who knows. You had to be there.

What makes this an issue is that there are several federal laws on the books that make approaching whales illegal. We aren't saying whatever happened to get this footage was illegal at all. However, if you find yourself in a similar situation, don't get that close to the whale.

You might find yourself in a lot of trouble.