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Costa and OCEARCH Partner to Create All-New Limited Edition Sunglasses

Hey now, these are cool.

Next month I'm going fly fishing for mako sharks out of San Diego, California. To say I'm excited is an understatement. As many say, mako sharks on the fly is the ultimate game fish to chase in one of the most challenging ways possible. However, before I head out to the west coast, some new gear is going to be in order. This is exactly how I stumbled upon these new limited edition Costa sunglasses.

Costa has long been involved in doing a lot of good to help out our oceans. For example, their Kick Plastic campaign focuses on raising awareness about plastic floating in the world's oceans. Now, through a partnership with OCEARCH, brand new limited edition sunglasses have been released where a portion of the proceeds will go directly to shark research and study.

OCEARCH is one of the world's leading sources of all things shark. For example, they track great whites and tiger sharks all over the world through tagging programs. In 2015, they opened the Internet to their Global Shark Tracker. With this program, you can actually follow along tagged sharks as they make their way around the world. 2.3 million people do right now already.

So, what exactly do these new limited edition Costa sunglasses look like? Well, if you know anything at all about Costa, you know they are going to be sharp with the clearest polarized lenses on the market. Just check out below to see three new frames. Everything else is available right here.


limited edition Costa

Yeah... these are absolutely going to find a home on my face.


limited edition Costa

These are my wife's favorite of the new limited edition Costa sunglasses.


limited edition Costa

These things looks sharp. No doubt about it.

With special styles and color patterns that reflect some of the world's sharks, these sunglasses are going to be in fairly hot demand.

"Costa has sponsored OCEARCH for over 11 years because the organization speaks to our core mission of protecting the oceans," says John Sanchez, vice president of product design at Costa, in an interview. "We wanted to showcase the important work they do in our glasses by illustrating the shark patterns and aquatic color-ways in our styles."

So, if you're like me and headed to saltwater this year, you might want to give these a look and help the cause. If you fish in general and looking for some super legit polarized glasses, same thing. If nothing else, you'll look good and help some sharks in the process.