Quad Loading
YouTube:Jesse Tischauser

The World's Fastest Quad Load Sees 24 Shells Loaded in Two Guns in 12 Seconds


Could you load 24 shells in two guns this quickly?

In the world of competitive shooting, especially principles like 3-gun, speed is everything. It is the difference between winning and losing a match and the slightest error can set even the most skilled shooters back. As a result, they must work tirelessly to hone their craft.

While this means a lot of time on the range going through hundreds of shells and trying to improve their accuracy and speed, professional shooters need to work on their muscle memory for other aspects too.

For instance, reloading. Not many casual shooters think about it, but there is a fast and a slow way to do it. For a semi-automatic competition shotgun, the fastest way to reload has been the advent of quad loading. Watch pro shooter Jesse Tischauser demonstrate as he loads 24 rounds in a little under 12 seconds in the video below.


As you can see, quad loading is a fast way to load multiple shells in the shotgun at once. This method has taken off to the point that gun manufacturers are starting to build their competitive shotguns to handle this method straight out of the box. This has become another major skill for competitive shooters to practice.

As Jesse noted here, he not only has to practice with his dominant hand on his strong side, he also must practice quad loading on the weak side. That is just what is demanded of a competitive shooter these days. Jesse said he was spending up to three hours at a time working on just quad loading. The results of that exercise show up in his time.

Much like other disciplines in shooting, you must build that muscle memory to be successful. It may take hours, but the old saying holds true. Practice makes perfect. This was quite the impressive demonstration by Jesse. The more time you spend working on things like this, the better a shooter you will be.

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