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Check Out This Slick New Way to Speedload a Shotgun


Quickly load your shotgun with a StageBerner.

The popularity of shooting competitions, in particular, 3 gun, just keeps increasing. And as such, new gun innovations are showing up that are specifically tailored to this type of competition.

That's what this new device called a StageBerner has been designed for: a brand new way to load two shells into your shotgun in a hurry.

We have to admit, that's a pretty simple, but at the same time, incredibly slick design for competition.

Right now the only version available is for the Benelli M2, but there are plans to make these for other popular competition guns as well.

StageBerners for the Remington Versa Max, Stoeger M3000, FNH SLP, Mossberg JM Pro, and Beretta 1301 are currently in pre-order for August delivery. They are also accepting requests for more shotgun types on their website in the future.

The company also noted on their Facebook page that a second version of this will be manufactured specifically with hunting in mind. Not a bad idea for a fast morning when the birds are coming in fast and often. It certainly looks like a cool gun mod. I don't think I've ever seen anyone load a shotgun that easily before!


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Check Out This Slick New Way to Speedload a Shotgun