Jerry Miculek
YouTube:Jerry Miculek - Pro Shooter

Jerry Miculek Hits 5 Shots Center Mass in 1 Second with an AR-15

Jerry Miculek's speed and accuracy are unbelievable.

In the world of competitive shooting, there is almost no one who can compete with Jerry Miculek. The man has cemented his legacy with numerous World and National Championships.

He also holds nearly a dozen world records for speed shooting with everything from revolvers to the world's largest sniper rifles.

His speed on the trigger is something that can't be described. You simply must see it to believe it. In the video below he tries to put five shots on target accurately in under a second. If anyone can pull this off, it's Jerry.

An AR-15 is already an incredibly fast-shooting gun, but Jerry's skills make the gun seem even faster! Insert a joke about the ATF investigating Jerry's trigger finger here. If he shoots any quicker than this someone is going to think he's shooting a full auto or bump stock. The thing that makes Miculek's feats like this even more impressive is how accurate they are. Anyone can shoot fast. However, to group five shots as tightly as he did here, that takes some true skills and talent that very few will ever possess.

In 2017, Miculek broke his own world record for hitting 10 shots on three different targets. Two of those targets were hit four times center mass and one was hit with two headshots. He managed this feat in just 1.59 seconds.

One of his other impressive semi-auto records comes from 2013 when he managed to get off six shots with a Barrett M107 in .50 BMG in about the same amount of time shown here. That's incredible considering the recoil that rifle generates.

Our hat is off to you once again Mr. Miculek, we look forward to seeing what new world record you break next!