golden koi

The Size of This Golden Koi Caught on a Fly Rod is Stunning

This angler's determination is matchless as he fights to reel in a massive golden koi using a fly rod.

Anglers know most of the time a fish's size get exaggerated when telling others the story, but when you've got video like this the footage speaks for itself.

Watch this guy land a huge golden koi on a fly rod after fighting it for 45 minutes.

Here's what made this angler seek out these golden koi, "There are some giant koi in a pond near me and I set out to try and catch one fly fishing." The fly he used was unique because it was made to look like bread. 

Did you see how quickly he set the hook in that golden koi? It suck it up right away, but that was just the beginning of the battle. This guy's tenacity paid off and he landed the fish after a long fight.

Notice how he made sure to keep the koi wet after he caught it, and how he released it carefully back into the pond. Fish like this golden koi deserve to be caught again and again.