Angler Hand Feeds Huge Catfish with Shad

This guy hand feeds a huge catfish, making it breach the surface for the shad bait.

This huge catfish enjoys a hand fed meal by a daring and brave angler using a shad.

Watch as the monster of a catfish reaches its mouth out of the water several times for hand fed bait.

Getting a hand fed meal must seem like a dream come true for a fish, but in this video the angler made the catfish work for it more than usual. Although there was no hook in the bait, the huge catfish still had to work for this free meal.

Did you see the size of that catfish? There's no doubt this guy's hand could have fit entirely into the fish's mouth.

Here's what the Youtube user had to say about catching this fish, "They can be pretty skittish but they still hunt down the shad and even eat one from my hand." If you're going catfish fishing soon bring shad to lure to land them, but you should probably bring a rod. Then cook the catfish at home knowing you landed a monster like a pro.