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Angler Catches Record Catfish on Lake Brownwood in Texas

Russell Hair was out bass fishing with his son when he came across a record catfish recently in the Lone Star State.

While fishing at Lake Brownwood in Texas Russell Hair reeled in a  record catfish that was so big he through it was a log.

Check out this news clip and get the full story on how he was able to reel in this record catfish that weighed over 40 pounds.

According to reports, this catfish was weighed 41 lbs and measured 46.25 inches long, which breaks the previous record by 10 pounds and several inches.

Merely using a rod and reel Hair was able to reel this catfish on to his boat with the aid of his young son. Did you hear about what happened when he tried to load it into his truck bed? The catfish was so big it took up all of his truck bed.

Next time you're out there bass fishing and you think you've hooked a tire or a log, check again because it might be the next huge catfish on the end of your line.


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Angler Catches Record Catfish on Lake Brownwood in Texas