fishing in Baja

Hooking Huge Sailfish and Finding the Best Fishing in Baja

Head to Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort for epic fishing opportunities in Baja Mexico.

Luiza and the gang head to Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort and find numerous trophy fish and gorgeous natural beauty.

Watch this highlight reel and see what fishing in Baja can be.

As you just saw fishing in Baja means you'll encounter Rooster fish, sailfish, marlin, snapper, and more. Capt. Jimmy Nelson pointed out the main reason he comes to this resort, the fishing. He said these waters are teeming with hungry fish and that's what drives him to go there.

Did you see how the sailfish skyrocketed out off the water? It was a fighter and Jimmy knew just how to land him. More important than the safe landing was the release, note how Jimmy let the fish get its bearings again by holding it in the water as the boat moved slowly along.

The thing about fishing in Baja is, you never know what's going to be biting. Get down south soon and get your chance to experience this one of a kind place for yourself.