The Savage 110 Precision: Why a Skeletonized, Flat Dark Earth Rifle Leads the Way in Long-Range Guns

You can see and feel the difference when you fire the Savage Arms 110 Precision. 

In today's era of long-range gun popularity, there's more reason than ever to expect a high-quality, well-built firearm to roll off the shelf and be ready for action.

At the same time, it's become increasingly common to be forced into buying extra accessories and tricking out a long-range gun to help aid in accuracy, fit, and overall performance.

That isn't a requirement with the Savage Arms 110 Precision, a rifle that's already established itself as a frontrunner in the long-range game.

The desired attributes and add-ons that might call for additional purchases are almost entirely eliminated, because Savage went to great lengths to make sure the construction, materials and manufacturing processes were dialed in, making it an instant favorite straight out of the factory.

In fact, it's the factory blueprinted action that probably does the most to promote custom shop-level performance. It ensures the locking lug recesses, receiver base, bolt face, locking lugs, recoil lug, and barrel lock nut are all perfectly square, aligned with the utmost attention to detail. When that's the case, the action and the bore are, in all senses of the phrase, "made for each other."

The tight tolerances have reached gunsmith level, making the factory blueprinted action the soul of the 110 Precision.

Outside that symbolic center, the 110 Precision continues to use advanced materials and manufacturing techniques that not only help encourage more consistent accuracy, but they look pretty dang cool, too.

The obvious place to start is the skeletonized stock, made for Savage by Modular Driven Technologies, or MDT. They call it the LSS XL Chassis, and it's finished with a Flat Dark Earth Cerakote that will help the 110 Precision stand apart from just about any other long-range rifle it's stacked up against.

The color of the lightweight, aluminum stock is cool, but it's the cut out portions, the "skeletonized" look, that's truly unique. And there's a functional reason for doing it, too. The weight reduction goes a long way, but the design of the cut outs helps avoid any strength or integrity problems.

Not only that, but the stock includes a user-adjustable comb height and length of pull, meaning you can get this gun to fit you and your shooting style just right.

There have been countless guns that hit the market and just flat out don't fit a given shooter's size, frame, or preference. The 110 Precision's adjustable stock takes an obvious cue from Savage's patented AccuFit system. You're able to make adjustments that, previously, only a gunsmith with a plethora of tools could pull off.

Knowing that your gun is precisely fit to you and your specific technique can do wonders for your own shooting confidence, not to mention your accuracy.

While we're on the subject of adjustability (and how it can help accuracy in a long-range gun), it's a good time to bring up the 110 Precision's trigger. The Savage AccuTrigger allows a shift from 1.5 pounds all the way to 4 pounds, giving you a wide range of available options to fine tune the trigger pull to your exact specifications.

If you look down the 20-inch matte black carbon steel barrel, you'll notice it's fluted (for more weight reduction) and topped with a 20 MOA 1 piece EGW rail for mounting just about any optics you can dream up. The heavy barrel is threaded (5/8-24), making room for a BS muzzle brake that further helps reduce recoil. All together, the 110 Precision weighs 8.9 pounds.

You can get this Savage rifle chambered in .308 Win, .300 Win Mag, .300 PRC, .338 Lapua, or 6.5 Creedmoor. In other words, it comes in most anyone's favorite long-range caliber.

We've had the pleasure of taking this gun to the shooting range, and it was impressive how quickly it became a comfortable, fun rifle to shoot. Reaching targets farther out than you thought you could, with a gun that had no extra work or overly-expensive accessories added to it (besides a Primary Arms scope), is a pretty cool thing.

Savage's 110 Precision proves the brand is working tirelessly to help any shooter extend their maximum effective range. With this kind of quality in your hands, there's really no shot that's out of reach.