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3 Ridiculous Targets We Couldn't Wait to Shoot With Savage Arms


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We came up with some not-so-normal targets to shoot with some new Savage Arms guns. Want to watch what happens?

Admit it: The thought crosses your mind every time you go to the shooting range. You wish you could put a water balloon, or an Apple iPhone, or some sort of ridiculous target out at 100 yards and try to obliterate it. If you've got a good gun, it makes it all that much more of a fun idea.

We know it's not allowed at a public range, and maybe even discouraged at most private facilities, but when you've got a range to yourself in the middle of Texas Hill Country, then you can get away with a little more. As long as everything's kept safe, which goes without saying, you can aim at those sort of ridiculous targets you've always wanted to hit.

Bull's eye paper, steel gongs, and even interactive targets can get a little boring after a while, so spicing things up at the range is a great way to stay interested, motivated, and determined to improve your accuracy and overall shooting skills.

What's also great is the way Savage Arms guns promote the attributes every shooter needs to develop, like the aforementioned accuracy, but also fit, comfort, execution, and recoil control.

With the features included on firearms like the Renegauge shotgun and the 110 Precision, Savage Arms has dedicated themselves to ensuring that everyone's trip to the range is enjoyable.

I mean, we clearly had fun shooting these targets and creating this video.


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3 Ridiculous Targets We Couldn't Wait to Shoot With Savage Arms