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Savage 110 BA Stealth: The Long-Range Rifle of Your Dreams

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The Savage Arms 110 BA Stealth is what long range shooting dreams are made of.

Are you a good enough shot to hit a 1,000-yard target? Is your gun?

If given the right tools for the job, it's totally possible, and Savage Arms is proving it with the 110 BA Stealth.

This long range chassis rifle fires .338 Lapua cartridges, you can also get it in .300 Win Mag, and it's a joint effort between Savage and Drake Associates.

It's a one-piece monolithic aluminum chassis from Drake, which helps keep the weight down, and it's mated to the factory-blueprinted Savage action for a custom shop-level combo.

The rifle has the adjustable Savage AccuTrigger plus their customary zero-tolerance headspacing. Features like the pistol grip and the adjustable buttstock help the fit and feel, and aid in accuracy. The Savage Stealth has a detachable box magazine, a heavy duty muzzle brake and a nice, long picatinny rail.

We attached the Leupold VX-3i Long Range Precision scope to that rail, because an LRP rifle deserves a good LRP optic.

Basically, put it all together and this is the long range precision gun of your dreams. As far as feature-rich bolt-action rifles in this category go, it's among the least expensive, too, at less than $1,700 MSRP.

It didn't take too long to sight this in, and start hitting the target we set out at 800 yards. It feels like we could have gone further, but daylight was a premium. Now, 1,000 yards is our goal, and we're betting we achieve it the next time we load up.

We'd say add yourself a bipod, load up on (admittedly expensive) ammo, and pick up a gun like the Savage 110 BA Stealth if you really want to stretch it out.


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Savage 110 BA Stealth: The Long-Range Rifle of Your Dreams