Gun Review: The Savage Arms A17 HM2 Takes Varmint Guns to the Next Level

What makes a good varmint rifle? This Savage Arms A17 HM2 is a shining example.

We got to check out the new Savage A17 HM2 rifle, a semi-automatic rimfire optimized for the 17 HMR Mach 2 caliber.

The delayed blowback action, user adjustable (and Savage Arms exclusive) AccuTrigger, and 10-round rotary magazine just scratch the surface of the great features this gun has.

We tested the A17 HM2 with CCI V-Max 17 HM2 ammo (which reach 2,010 fps), and were able to execute seamless chambering and cycling throughout. The synthetic stock will outlast wood counterparts, and the rimfire rifle would work great as a defense against small varmints.

The magazine capacity promotes quick follow up shots (and a lot of them), giving the gun a lot of appeal for picking off prairie dogs, wreaking havoc on squirrels, or just plinking away at the range.

The barrel length is 20 inches, and the overall length comes in at just 39.5 inches, making it an easy-to-carry and transport rifle. Basically, it's the rimfire rifle that fans of the Mach 2 caliber have been waiting for.

The MSRP on the Savage Arms A17 HM2 is $379, and you can learn plenty more about the gun at