The Rock Hawk
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The Rock Gives Commentary on a Hawk Eating a Copperhead Snake Outside His Kitchen Window

Can you smell what the hawk is cooking?

Dwayne Johnson, aka: "The Rock," spent years "laying the smackdown" on opponents in the WWE before becoming the world's most recognizable action film star. However, it seems the man has finally met his match in a large hawk that recently decided to visit the area outside of his kitchen. Johnson posted a short video to his Instagram last Sunday that shows the massive bird digging into a copperhead snake.

There is just one problem. The Rock was ready for a workout and the large bird is blocking the only path outside to his gym area.

"It's either this hawk's copperhead snake or my weekend workout," he posted with his Instagram caption. Watch the video to hear his hilarious commentary on the nature scene playing out before him.


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Johnson's video of the hawk has already been viewed more than eight million times. Not surprising given the guy has 253 million followers on Instagram. The hawk video is very different from the usual workout photos, movie sneak peeks, and fishing pictures he usually posts on his account.

"I tried to open the door with some firm DJ energy and instead of flying away, he got pissed and hasn't stopped ka kaw'ng me since," he wrote in the post. "Clearly we have a few things in common, but he's gotta eat and I gotta train."

The Rock has posted many photos in the past of his private pond where he likes to bass fish and unwind. It seems his farm has become something of a haven for other forms of wildlife as well. The post of the hawk gained comments from many other celebrities like actor Jeffery Dean Morgan and current WWE superstar Sasha Banks in awe of the nature show in the great one's backyard.

After watching this, we kind of want to see Johnson do a narration of a nature documentary, completely in character as his WWE persona of course!

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