The Holster Belt You've Been Waiting for: Alien Gear Gun Belt

A good stiff quality belt is the foundation for any proper holster carry.

The great folks at Alien Gear sent over their Alien Gear Gun Belt for me to review, and this is what I found.


A proper gun belt is the foundation of almost any concealed carry system. Even if you use a pocket holster, a good gun belt will keep your pants up at all times. This allows the wearer not to have to tug his or her pants up. That simple adjustment to many is a flag you are carrying a concealed weapon.

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The Alien Gear Gun Belt is the toughest gun belt I have yet to examine. Now that's tough talk for any product, right? Alien Gear Holsters has certainly made by far one of the very best gun belts out there. Let's take a look at how it's all put together.

What appears to be a extremely well built leather gun belt has a hidden secret. It has a steel liner sandwiched between the leather panels. This liner allows the belt to never stretch or sag like a conventional all leather belt does with time and the weight of a holstered handgun. Other competitors sometimes line their holsters with just plastic if at all. Steel certainly will hold up to the rigors of daily extreme use. This steel core is heavily stitched into the gun belt itself. Top off the belt now with a really heavy duty belt buckle and you have an American made gun belt that is as tough as you are.

The Alien Gear Gun Belt also has a seven-day test drive and a one-year warranty. That allows you to try out this gun belt and return it within seven days if you aren't satisfied. Brilliant is the word that comes to mind.


How well does it carry your holster, you ask? I can honestly state this holster is all looks and business. While it has the beauty of a beefy dress belt, it has the strength of steel. Carrying a holster on the Alien Gear Gun Belt allows the weight to be distributed more evenly along your waistline. It also keeps your pants up extremely well for every day use.

I picked the black leather version (there is a brown leather version too) to review in waist size 34". The 38" length belt had the perfect amount of tuck in belt left that was out of the way. The belt fits me well in lightweight pants all the way up to my bulky insulated hunting pants. Now, that is very handy.


Alien Gear Holsters makes quite a great line of holsters, gun belts and accessories that will carry your handgun right. Check them out online at the Alien Gear Holsters website and see the entire line of their great conceal carry product line.