Taurus Spectrum on display at SHOT Show 2017 via NRAPubs

10 New Frontrunners for Your Best Concealed Carry Handgun

With the surge in concealed carriers, gun manufacturers are listening. Everyone wants to make the next best concealed carry handgun.

Here are 10 new handguns that are in line to be the best concealed carry handgun.

10. For you Kimber fans, they now make a revolver: the K6S.

This sturdy all stainless steel revolver is built for rough use. Chambered in .357 Magnum it will also of course shoot .38 Specials. Six gun fans just might prefer this revolver over a semi-automatic pistol.

9. While not completely new on the market, we have to mention the relatively new Glock 43 pistol.

This small sized 9mm pistol is finally available just about anywhere that sells pistols. The standard magazine holds 6 rounds. As with all Glock pistols, their reputation is exceptional in the law enforcement and concealed carry circles.

8. Ruger SR9C Pistol.

Ruger handguns are known to be built like tanks. This smaller-sized stainless steel 9mm pistol has the features of the bigger brother offerings but a smaller packing size. Oh yeah, and it will hold 17 rounds, too, for those who live in areas not affected by ludicrous magazine capacity laws.

7. Straight from the floor of SHOT SHOW 2017 is the Hudson Mfg. H9 semi-automatic pistol.

Chambered in 9mm this pistol is a radical departure from tradition pistols. With 15+1 capacity this pistol is touted to have the best features from multiple style pistols. Keep an eye out for this one and decide for yourself when they are finally available for purchase.

6. Another newcomer to the market is the Avidity Arms PD10 Pistol.

This polymer pistol is built around already very available 9mm 1911 style magazines. With a standard 10+1 capacity this pistol is expected to compete against the other polymer pistol manufacturing giants. This pistol made it's debut at SHOT SHOW 2017.

5. The Taurus Spectrum is quite futuristic.

With no sharp corners to snag clothing while drawing this pistol will make this a favorite of many concealed carriers. This .380 ACP caliber pistol also comes in a vast array of colors. Grip material and ergonomics are said to make this pistol the best fit. Check them out when they hit the market this year.

4. Does this cell phone look-alike pistol have a future?

A Minnesota company headed by inventor Kirk Kjellberg making this pistol called the Ideal Conceal thinks so. Unfold the grip from the cell phone look alike and you have two shots of .380 ACP. ammunition.

3.  The Inland Liberator is a .45 ACP. derringer that will offer quite a punch up close.

This little friend weighs only 18 ounces. That should fit in your pocket quite well.

2. The Colt Cobra is back.

Fans of this .38 special +P revolver will get 6 shots. A fiber optic sight on this stainless steel revolver makes for one easy packing and shooting handgun with Colt's legendary reputation. You can also get tritium front sights direct from the factory too. That is perfect for when things go bump in the night.

1. The Ruger LCP II.

This slick little .380 caliber pistol is an improvement over past models of the hot selling Ruger LCP pistol. With an improved trigger with a Glock-like trigger safety and other improvements it has become quite a sought after pocket pistol.

Personal preference and what works well for each individual shooter must be also taken into account before you make your handgun purchase. Remember that weapon may save your life one day. Do your own research too and choose wisely.