Ruger SR9c

5 Shooters the Ruger SR9c is Perfect For

The Ruger SR9c just might be the right pistol for you.

Sometimes a gun is best used by a shooter that's matched to it. It's not a must, but showing what type of shooter you are can make the decision of a new gun a little easier.

Check out the five shooters that the Ruger SR9c is perfect for. If you answer yes to these questions, consider the Ruger SR9c.

1. Are you a recoil sensitive shooter?

The low recoil 9mm cartridge is easy on the shooter. When paired with a good quality hollowpoint bullet the Ruger SR9c will put the hurt on just about any threat you encounter short of big Alaskan bears.

Ruger SR9c

2. Do you carry concealed?

Well this shorter stature Ruger pistol is much easier to conceal than many of the other pistol options out on the market. This abbreviated pistol will print less through your clothing but still be a comfortable shooter.

3. Do you like to customize your pistol?

The Ruger SR9c comes complete with an accessory mounting rail for tactical lights and lasers. It also has a unique reversible backstrap. This can be adjusted without tools or separate inserts. You can choose a flat or arched grip. It's a pretty ingenious system.

Ruger SR9c

4. Do you have economy in mind?

The 9mm cartridge is cheaper to buy in bulk or reload currently than any of the other centerfire pistol calibers. Since the Ruger SR9c comes in 9mm, it'd be a nice, economical choice.

5. Do you want something reliable to self-defense?

The 17 round capacity on the standard magazines allows plenty of ammunition to stop a threat. Lower capacity 10 round magazines are available for citizens in many anti-gun zealous states or other affected areas.

Anyway you look at it, the Ruger SR9c is one sweet shooting package. This pistol just might follow you home soon from the local gun shop.