EZ Raider HD 4
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The EZRaider HD 4: A Unique, Electric, and Expensive, Off-Road Vehicle

The EZRaider HD 4 is one unique off-road vehicle.

The world of all-terrain vehicles is constantly evolving and shifting. More recently, manufacturers are moving away from gas-powered engines and more towards heavy duty electric motors. One of the more unique electric vehicles specifically designed for off-road use is the EZRaider HD4.

The unique design of this electric ATV may remind you of a scooter. However, this machine has big tires, all-wheel drive, and excellent ground clearance that allow it to have excellent maneuverability, even over rough terrain.

The video below showcases the off-roading capabilities of this interesting machine on everything from sand dunes to rocky terrain. One thing is for sure, this vehicle looks like tons of fun to drive!

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While the EzRaider looks like a ton of fun, we about had a mild heart attack at the $19,000 price tag of this vehicle. We get that the lithium-ion 60v batteries, powerful hub motors, and other features are expensive, but one can purchase a brand-new utility vehicle side-by-side for that price. If they want buyers beyond the U.S. Armed Forces, they will probably have to find a way to drop that price.

Still, it does look like a ton of fun. The batteries of this machine give it a driving range of about 55 miles on a single charge, which should be more than enough for a day of adventure for most people. The top speed is not that high, but the extreme navigability seems to make up for that aspect. That suspension system also gives the machine some unique ground clearance that may help in places other machines struggle. We are curious to see how it could handle extreme conditions like deep mud though.

This vehicle will probably remain a niche item for a while at least. Although we do love the ingenuity. We would love to see more vehicles like this marketed to hunters and outdoorsmen and women in the future. After all, electric motors usually mean a cheaper cost of operation and less maintenance than a standard ATV.

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