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Polaris Showcases the Quiet Operation of the New Electric Ranger

Polaris showcases the quiet noise of their new electric Ranger.

It is safe to say that Polaris Industries has surprised everyone in the world of powersports when they announced their next new side-by-side would be an electric vehicle, more specifically, the electric Polaris RANGER The company has teamed up with Zero Motorcycles using the company's Z-Force electric powertrain to run the new full-size vehicle.

Since then, little nuggets of info on the new electric Polaris Ranger have slowly trickled out of Minnesota. The company gave us the first look at the new avalanche gray off-road vehicles in video back at the end of March.

After a few months of silence on this new utility vehicle, they have just released a new video highlighting the quiet operation of the new electric motor and drivetrain are. One thing is for sure, this new electric RANGER UTV has certainly gotten our attention!

While Polaris still has not given a ton of details on this new vehicle, it does look nearly identical to a standard RANGER XP 1000 gas-powered utility side-by-side. The wheelbase, A-Arm front and rear suspension, box capacity, and ground clearance look to be the same as a standard SxS. We are curious to learn what the payload capacity, towing capacity, and horsepower will be on the final retail models.

Still, in the world of Tesla, it only makes sense to build a UTV like this one. Polaris announced a new "rEV'd Up" strategy with this machine originally. We are guessing that means the electric line will eventually expand to the company's other side-by-sides, and to their ATVs like the Sportsman at some point.

In any case, we are looking forward to learning more about this machine and getting the chance to get behind the wheel of one. We are also curious to learn the estimated MSRP of these machines once they officially release more information in December. We will keep our eyes open for more updates in the meantime. For more information see the Polaris website, and keep it here at Wide Open Spaces for the latest updates on these exciting new off-road vehicles.

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