Polaris Electric Ranger
YouTube: Polaris Off-Road

Polaris Off-Road Gives First Look at Prototype All-Electric Ranger UTV

This is the first glimpse of the new electric Ranger.

Polaris Industries surprised everyone a little over a month ago when they revealed they were working on an all-new, full-size electric RANGER UTV with the plan to get it onto dealership floors as soon as 2022. It is part of Polaris' "rEV'd up" strategy to introduce electric versions of more off-road machines.

The original announcement contained nothing more than a teaser image of a pair of headlights with the promise of more information by December 2021. We did not expect to see the whole machine until then, but Polaris just dropped an early surprise in the form of a behind-the-scenes video on one of the prototype electric RANGERS.

The video shows the new machine out in negative degree temperatures on the frozen waters of legendary fishery Mille Lacs Lake. In the video, Vice President of RANGER, Chris Judson also talks about the development process and the power of this new and unique machine.

When Judson says the new electric powertrain allows them to build the best RANGER they have ever built, they have our attention. He says this powertrain helps the new RANGER have more horsepower and torque than any of their previous vehicles.

"Electric motors are excellent for utility work. They have a very linear torque curve, so they can generate peak torque very quickly and maintain it through a wide range of operating speeds," Judson said.

Which is fitting, considering that the RANGER is the workhorse of the three Polaris UTV brands. It seems to most commonly be the choice of farmers, ranchers, and hunters who need a serious machine for heavy pulling and hauling work.

This is just a prototype, so the design may change, but it appears to maintain the look and feel of the standard RANGER models. There were not a whole lot of other details to go with it, but Polaris is promising more videos soon. Consider us intrigued by what they have shown us so far. We will bring you more information on this vehicle as it comes out ahead of the release date. See the Polaris website for more information on the electric RANGER and all their other off-road vehicles.

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