Polaris Showed Us Why the New Ranger XP 1000 is the Ultimate Rec Vehicle


We got to check out the new Polaris Ranger XP 1000, and it quickly won us over.

When Polaris invited us out to the Honey Brake Lodge in Louisiana, a beautiful lakeside location with more acres than you'd ever need, unless of course you're operating one of the country's best and most pristine waterfowl hunting properties.

With that as our backdrop, and some hog and teal hunting to add to the experience, we got to witness firsthand how awesome the new flagship Polaris Ranger XP 1000 really is. Trail rides, exhibitions, Q&As, and plenty of time behind the wheel gave us the impression that this truly is the ultimate side by side.

The Polaris team ran us through every one of the 100+ additions over last year's model, many of them industry leading or industry firsts. The coolest thing is that the majority of those improvements were owner-inspired, as the company went to real lengths to get feedback and listen to those who are using their off-road vehicles day in and day out.

That's pretty meaningful, and was right in line with their hospitality and generosity in inviting ourselves and the Wide Open Roads team to see what the new 2018 Polaris Ranger XP 1000 is all about.

It has an 82-horsepower ProStar® engine, 2,500 lbs. (1,134 kgs) of towing capacity, and 11 in. (27.9 cm.) of suspension travel. The RANGER XP 1000 received a completely redesigned exterior and interior compared to previous versions, and the functionality of the Pulse™ busbar makes adding accessories a cinch.

There are a ton of models available, each varying in price and features a bit, but overall the side by side world has a consistent leader, and that was proven over the three days we spent with them.

Learn more about the new Ranger XP 1000 and keep your eyes and ears open for more from Polaris.


This post originally appeared on Wide Open Roads