Best Gun Safes

The 8 Best Gun Safes to Keep Your Firearms Collection Secure

Here are some of the best gun safes you can buy.

These days, it's more important than ever to be a responsible gun owner and keep your guns locked up securely where children and even potential thieves cannot access them. If you're shopping for a safe, you've probably already noticed the market is heavily saturated and there's a lot of different options out there.

Do you go for a fireproof safe? Combination lock or electronic lock? Is quick access a priority? Is it strictly for your long gun collection or do you need space for handguns too?

Don't worry, we're here to help. Here are eight of the best gun safes you can spend your hard-earned money on. These safes may not be as secure as Fort Knox, but they are some of the best gun storage options on the market. They will keep your firearms safe and secure, giving you peace of mind.

Steelwater 20 Long Gun


We'll start this list with something heavy duty for someone with a modest amount of guns looking for high quality protection: the Steelwater 20 Long Gun. This safe has a solid steel construction and is rated as fireproof for up to one hour. It has an electronic keypad access to lock the heavy-duty 1.5" locking bolts that secure this safe. There is also a backup key in case you forget the code.

This is a hefty safe at over 300 pounds, which means a thief won't be able to carry it off. This one starts at a little over $800 on Amazon and holds 12-20 guns.

Liberty ProVault Electronic Lock

Liberty is a reputable safe company with a solid reputation of safes built for fire resistance. Some of you may recall a Demolition Ranch episode where Matt destroyed one. It was only ruined when the lock system was finally taken out by a .50 BMG round. Even with the lock destroyed, the safe wouldn't open. Pretty impressive.

The ProVault series features a couple models with storage space for 12, 18 or 24 guns. It is another nice choice for the average owner. It is rated for 30 minutes of fire protection. Construction-wise, the safe is made of 14-gauge steel and is secured by an electronic lock. The locking system features bars making the safe pry-resistant.

These safes go from anywhere from $500-700.

Liberty HDX-250 Smart Vault

One of the conundrums faced by many firearms owners is keeping their home defense handgun secured from thieves or small children, but also making sure they have easy access when they need it in an emergency. This is where the HDX-250 Smart Vault comes in.

This quick access gun safe uses a biometric system, means only those who have their fingerprints programmed in can gain access. Program in all the adults in the family and keep the kids safe. Most self-defense instructors will recommend a biometric safe like this because in an emergency, where you need your firearm and your heart and mind are racing, you don't want to spend time fumbling with safe lock keys.

These can be found for around $280.

FCH Electronic Rifle Safe

This is a smaller safe for those with fewer firearm who want a security safe with an electronic lock system on a budget.

This FCH Electronic Rifle Safe has a steel construction and goes for $270 on Amazon. It features room for a few long guns and a few handguns or important documents and other valuables in an interior lockbox.

This one is made to bolt to the floor or wall.

Stack-On 22 Gun Safe

This safe is built to hold up to 22 firearms and is something to look at if you're looking for a heavier, electronic lock type safe on a budget. There are a few different variants on the Stack On Safe, including one that uses a key-based locking mechanism and another that uses a combination lock.

Depending on what you're looking at budget-wise, expect to pay between $150-1,000.

Barska Biometric Rifle Safes

Maybe you only have a few firearms, but you want quick access to all of them at a moment's notice. Barska makes a variety of handgun and long gun safes, but their quick access biometric rifle safes are some of the most popular. The biometric fingerprint locks can store up to 120 fingerprints, meaning all the adults in your home can have access in case of an intruder, but your firearms will be safely locked away from curious children.

These safes start at around $250 for the smallest model that holds around four long guns and go up to around $800 for the larger models that can hold more.

Browning Hell's Canyon 65-Gun Safe

This safe is probably not for everyone. It is for serious firearms collectors who need a serious gun cabinet. The Browning Hell's Canyon 65-Gun Safe is high-quality, made for a serious firearms collector who wants to keep not only their large and small guns secure, but probably ammo, documents and valuables too. It is built of 11-gauge steel. This beast weighs a whopping 1,055 pounds. Make sure you have strong floors. It has a 65-gun capacity.

But you can rest easy knowing there is no way a crook is making off with this. And they are not likely to get in if they tamper with pry bars either. It also boasts a 90-minute fire rating at over 1,600 degrees. As if that was not enough, it also features an internal outlet where you can plug in a dehumidifier to help keep your firearms in top shape.

This safe doesn't go cheap though. It is priced around $2,800.

Sentry Safe Quick Access Biometric Handgun Safe

The Sentry Safe Quick Access Biometric Handgun Safe is a simple pistol safe designed with home defense in mind. One difference between this and the Liberty safe mentioned earlier in this article is that this safe offers additional security features in a digital lock and override key in case you're worried about a malfunction of the biometric lock.

Another key difference is the Liberty safe requires you to reach in from the front to grab your handgun and this one features a gas strut to pop the lid open for you. The faster the access, the better when a burglar is in the home.. Many consider this one to be the best biometric gun safe on the market.

This can be had for about $205.

Which safe you choose depends on your gun collection, the type of firearms you mostly have, the layout of your house, and a variety of other specifics. Just make sure you're spending your money in the right place, and getting something that's going to protect against fire, theft, and anything else that could occur to a gun that wasn't secured in a safe.

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