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Handgun Safes Are the Definitions of Common Sense Gun Safety

handgun safes

If you're concerned about little kids and firearms, a handgun safe is the ticket. Here's the skinny on several handgun safes, their features and benefits. 

Hickock45 has a number of handgun safes on display, and he's going through them to explain the pros and cons of each. Gun safety should be a concern to everyone, and especially if you have little kids at home or occasional little visitors to your house.

Hickock says that there are likely dozens of companies that make handgun safes. These are just a few of the varieties that are out there. And he emphasizes that they all work pretty well. That is, they do what they are designed to do: keep young children from accessing your handgun.

They are not safes in the sense that they protect your gun from being stolen. A thief can just take the box and open it later if he wants your handgun. Rather they are simply boxes that keep kids from getting their hands on the gun.

The safes run from simple units with a combination lock to finger-pad safes that require a sequence of touches, to advanced biometric safes that read your fingerprint to open them.

As far as the security of your weapon is concerned, "You get what you pay for," he says.

The Hornady safe, for example, opens with your handgun thrust up and ready to go. This case opens with a code, a bracelet or card recognition feature.

You can also secure, at least in some sense, the safe to something else to make it harder to steal.

These handgun safes allow you to keep a loaded handgun at the ready and be quickly accessible.

"They (handgun safes) are a very viable option for having a firearm, a handgun, fairly accessible. Pretty quickly and accessible," he indicates. "You know, this doesn't take long, even using a code, to get into one of these things. That beats having that firearm under your pillow."

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Handgun Safes Are the Definitions of Common Sense Gun Safety