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Wondering What Size Gun Safe You Need?

Here’s to answering the age-old question of how to effectively secure your firearms in a gun safe. shows you what to consider when shopping around for an effective gun safe.

Getting an appropriate gun safe sounds simple however there are a lot of considerations that you must consider and they are highlighted here.

There are some good considerations for the safe based on what type of gun you plan on storing, and how attachments and scopes will effect space availability.

It seems the best advice is not getting a safe that is too small as you will quickly fill it beyond capacity; something I did with my first gun safe within the first year.

A quality gun safe is also not just an investment to secure your firearms but also useful to protect other family valuables such as passports, wills and heirlooms, so make sure you also have some good shelf space for these items.


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Wondering What Size Gun Safe You Need?