Texas Couple Fights for Their Right to Have 80 Dogs

The local law in Corpus Christi, Texas states residents are allowed no more than six dogs in their home.

The law limiting the number of dogs a household can own rarely causes problems, but a couple living on the 200 Block of Glendale is prepared to fight for their right to own as many dogs as they want.

Corpus Christi Animal Care Services worked with local police to seize a total of 80 dogs living in the couple's home and on their property. There were 61 adult dogs and 19 puppies—about 13 times the legal number allowed in a home—but the couple doesn't think they were doing anything wrong.

According to Caller Times and Captain Patrick McMenarmy, the Animal Care Services program manager, the majority of the 80 dogs were allowed to roam freely throughout the property. A few were kept tethered in the front yard, but they all lived in unsanitary conditions. Capt. McMenarmy also said,

"The homeowners cared a lot about all the dogs. There were just too many."

From what authorities have been able to learn about the situation, the dogs were all born on the property, and the homeowners have cared for them all their lives. They weren't running a puppy mill, but by not spaying and neutering their pets, the situation quickly became too much for them to handle.

Despite the challenge of caring for so many pets, Animal Care Services says most of the dogs are in good health, and they were provided with adequate food and water.

The couple reluctantly surrendered their dogs, but they're expected to make a plea to a judge to fight for their right to keep their animals. In the meantime, all of the dogs are receiving medical attention and being evaluated before potentially being put up for adoption.

The case will be updated on the Animal Care Services Facebook page.

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