Ko'ona Cochrane/Facebook

Terrifying Moments Caught on Facebook Live as Truck Plunges Through Ice

This is one scary situation...and it was all captured POV-style and live.

There's nothing more frightening than the thought of your vehicle falling through the ice. What has become more of a common occurrence in recent years, the reality is, you ultimately put your life at risk whenever you venture out onto the frozen surface of a lake or river.

For Ko'ona Cochrane and her partner, that reality was broadcast live on Facebook - and the video is a scary glimpse into what it's like to plunge through the ice. The pair were driving across the frozen surface of Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, on March 14, heading to do laundry at her mother's house in Peguis. As you're about to see, things changed dramatically in a matter of seconds.

Here's the live video that was posted to Cochrane's Facebook page:

Luckily the pair were able to jump out of the truck and were ultimately uninjured. Cochrane immediately dialed 911, who put her in touch with RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). She posted the following picture a short while later, with the caption: "Goodbye truck but at least we're alive."

truck plunges through ice

Ko'ona Cochrane

A scary reminder of the perils of driving on ice. Luckily these two only lost a truck and not their lives.