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When Your Lakeside Home Literally Turns Into a Popsicle

ice house
John Kucko/Twitter

Any guess as to when this 'ice house' might finally thaw?!

Mother Nature is not a force to be taken lightly. She can be breathtakingly beautiful at times, yet can easily wreak havoc when 'upset.' The latter became clearly evident after five days of wind-whipped Lake Ontario turned nearby homes into solid blocks of ice. Quite literally.

This incredible footage was shot March 12 by John Kucko in Western New York. As the video shows, and like a scene straight from an apocalyptic movie, this house (and many others) became chilly ice sculptures - seemingly frozen in time with no sign of thaw in sight.

You have to feel sorry for the homeowners. Hopefully these are just summer cottages and vacant during the winter. One can only imagine the length of time it will take for all that ice to finally melt. Our guess is early May.

What's your craziest weather-related story? We'd love to hear it.


When Your Lakeside Home Literally Turns Into a Popsicle